ok where are we?!?! sorry guys... summer has seriously been a blur and it's not stoping anytime soon!! when I started this weekly meal post thing, I forgot I was going to be out of town for the last weekend in june, all the weekends in july plus the first weekend in august... fail. we've been to virginia, had two weddings weekends (madison, wi and grand rapids, mi), and a fun lake weekend. now this friday through monday I'm heading to texas to visit my sister who just had the cutest baby ever!!! the weekend after that i'm headed to traverse city for a bachelorette party and the weekend after that i'll be in the upper peninsula visiting/camping with family. OMG very busy but very fun times!! soooo for the time being (aka until august) i'm going to table this series because I can't keep up. but i do have a new recipe post for you coming soon! get excited. sorry for failing you guys with my weekly meal posts. promise you'll still like me? okay, thanks!!!! (i'm pretending you all said yes) :)

life lately

(aka a whole bunch of pictures from all these fun times that prevented me from posting about food)


see you back here soon with a new recipe!!!!!!!!!! be excited :)


weekly menu: june 27-july 1, 2016

monday - mango habanero shrimp tacos with peach salsa

recipe inspiration: tilapia tacos with peach relish



planned edits:

1. use shrimp instead of tilapia and marinade/cook it in a mango habanero glaze

2. eliminate jalapeño from the salsa recipe because the mango habanero glaze already packs tons of heat

3. add avocado to the tacos

tuesday - baked chicken, bean, and rice taquitos

recipe inspiration: chicken, bean, and rice taquitos

planned edits:

1. white rice instead of brown

2. no cheese :) 

wednesday - creamy rosemary polenta with fire-roasted tomatoes and mini chicken meatballs

polenta recipe inspiration: roasted Rosemary tomatoes with polenta

meatball recipe inspiration: mini chicken meatballs with crispy potatoes and romesco 

planned edits:

1. use half the amount of fire-roasted tomatoes for the polenta recipe since we are adding meatballs

2. Eliminate Parmesan cheese from the meatball recipe but mix in one cup of chopped spinach instead (didn't use any other part of that recipe i.e. no potatoes or romesco) 

thursday - taco rubbed turkey burgers with salsa verde

recipe inspiration: taco-rubbed burgers with avocado and crushed tortilla chips

planned edits:

1. use ground turkey (93% lean) instead of ground beef

2. mix in chopped green onions and spinach with the ground turkey plus some minced garlic to form a better turkey burger

friday - Samir and Sarah's rehearsal dinner 

woohoo! yay wedding season! so excited to celebrate these two! :)

any thoughts on these recipes before i make them?! comment below! happy monday!

- A

weekly menu review: june 20-24, 2016

right now I am somewhere in Pennsylvania making our 10 hour trek home from Virginia... We are past the halfway point which is super nice because I'm ready to be home! Vacation was a blast. You can see a few pictures from the past week on my Instagram but for now here are some recipe reviews :) 

monday - roasted red pepper pasta

recipe inspiration: simple roasted red pepper pasta

ways i altered the recipe:

1. used cashews in the sauce instead of almonds or pine nuts

2. didn't mix in mozzarella or burrata

3. added 16 oz of diced bacon

4. didn't top with watercress because I forgot.... fail. or fig because I thought that sounded weird.


- the recipe was super easy and quick, which is very nice for a weeknight! the flavors were also delicious. the combination of roasted red peppers and sun-dried tomatoes created a slightly sweet, tangy, and light yet creamy sauce that coated the gemelli and rotini pasta really well.

- i definitely think this dish needs a meat so adding bacon was a great idea! ground sausage or turkey could also be a wonderful addition.

rating: 4 out of 5 stars

make again? definitely! great weeknight quick, easy, and delicious meal!

tuesday - vacation!

wednesday - vacation!!

thursday - vacation!!!

friday - vacation!!!!

road trip snack #1: texas trash chex mix

recipe inspiration: addictive texas trash

ways I altered the recipe:

1. used kix cereal instead of cheerios because kix is my jam

2. no mixed nuts

3. two 12 oz bags of oyster crackers instead of goldfish and sesame sticks

4. coconut oil instead of butter

5. no msg or liquid smoke flavor


- this stuff is so addicting!!! it's my like 10th time making it and I love it for road trips. be careful though, it's no joke additive...

- I love how crunchy and spicy this mix is. it's got such a great spice kick and covers all my salt and garlic needs. seriously so gooood.

rating: 5 out of 5 stars

make again: clearly haha since I've already made it so many times!

road trip snack #2: tom's favorite chocolate chip cookies

recipe inspiration: original nestlé® toll house® chocolate chip cookies

ways I altered the recipe:

1. I actually realized that I do change this recipe slightly... I use dark chocolate chips instead of milk or semi-sweet because we prefer dark chocolate. other than that... if it ain't broke, don't fix it :)


- so chewy and delicious. the perfect cookie.

- this is tom's favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe and my second favorite chocolate chip recipe to date. i'll post my first favorite on here soon!

road trip snack #3: crudités with homemade italian vinaigrette

recipe inspiration: crudités with italian vinaigrette

planned edits:

1. no parmesan cheese

2. veggies of choice: baby carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber :)

Soooo... I ran out of time to make this dressing or get more veggies at the store. We just had plain carrots and cherry tomatoes for the trip.... Still healthy and yummy though!!

thought? questions? let me hear them! happy sunday!

- a