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About Me: My name is Adrienne and I’m 28 years old. I live just outside Ann Arbor, Michigan with my husband, Tom Brady, and our adorable red lab, Montana (aka bandana montana). My background is in Biology/Chemistry and I'm a marketing coordinator at a biochemical company here in town. I work full time during the week and blog my little heart out on nights and weekends. I cook in my pajamas or running clothes 95% of the time and my camera is covered in flour and garlic residue. I learned how to cook scrambled eggs as a 19-year-old college student by calling my older sister and having her walk me though it step by step… I’ve come a long way from learning how to make scrambled eggs, asking my mom where to find lemon zest in the grocery store and searching for cream of tartar in the dairy section... This blog is a way for me to document the trials and tribulations of my cooking experience so let's have some fun and eat delicious food!

About the Food:  I eat very healthy about 90% of the time but I also LOVE all food. Since I eat everything that I share on this blog, my recipes will mainly consist of healthy meals. That being said, everyone should live a little so there will be a handful of splurge recipes on here as well, especially since I'm also cooking for a 27 year old boy who loves cheesy everything and all things sweet.

Dietary Restrictions: I have no dietary restrictions other than generally avoiding dairy because it makes my tummy hurt! My diet is about 75% plant based but I definitely eat meat too. I do like to try my hand at vegetarian, vegan and gluten free recipes every once in a while because it's fun!

Navigation: My recipes are divided into four main categories that you can see up there in the navigation bar. I also tag my posts with all the lovely keywords I can think of so the search box should be your best friend. All my recipes are listed by category on the recipe index page too!

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