Crispy Sweet Potato Chips

Ever since I discovered my love for cooking all my Christmas gifts revolve around cooking, baking and/or entertaining... Which I LOVE! This year I got a mandoline among other awesome things and I've been dying to make recipes where I can use it. I've made sweet potato fries and they are okay but I really wanted to try making sweet potato chips. I searched the whole internet (yes the whole thing) and found so many different recipes... I seriously tried all of them and I came up with what I think makes the BEST CRISPY SWEET POTATO CHIP.


Crispy Sweet Potato Chips


- 2 medium sweet potatoes (scrubbed)

- 1 tbsp olive oil (don't over do the oil... it makes the chips soggy and no one likes soggy chips...)

- salt, pepper & garlic powder

- mandoline


1. preheat oven to 200 F

2. slice the sweet potatoes using the 1/16in setting on your mandoline

3. mix sweet potato slices and oil in a bowl

4. lay slices on baking sheets so that none are over lapping

5. sprinkle slices with salt, pepper & garlic powder

6. bake for 1.5 hours flipping the slices over half way through baking

7. EAT ;)


Yummy yummy.

I like to dip my chips in honey mustard woohoo. You can do with them what you want but make sure to share them because they are awesome. OR maybe don't share them because they are so good!

I hope y’all had a lovely weekend. Mine was so relaxing and I got to top it off with The Golden Globes plus some delicious champagne. Life is good. Have a wonderful Monday!


- A