Strawberry Dark and Stormy

Fresh ginger is aromatic, pungent, tangy and spicy! Ginger beer has that same funky fresh flavor plus some added carbonation which pairs perfectly with spiced rum to create the classic Dark and Stormy cocktail.


My older sister, Madeline, was the person who opened my eyes to the wonderful world of ginger beer and now I’m totally obsessed (what's new?!). She also bought Tom and I this amazing muddler for Christmas! Y'all can thank her for this recipe.


Never tried ginger beer?! Well, there is no alcohol in it... Think root beer meets ginger ale but way way better. Ginger beer is significantly more gingery than ginger ale. However, it is also less sweet and a wee bit less carbonated. Both taste great in this recipe but if you have the choice, go beer, always.


Like I said before, the Dark and Stormy is a signature warm weather cocktail that usually consists of dark spiced rum, ginger beer and a lime wedge. And since it's warming up around here, I figured why not play around with this delicious drink. I decided to spunk it up by adding some muddled strawberries and the flavor combination is sensational!! The strawberries add an extra level of freshness plus a touch of sweetness and I love it!


Strawberry Dark and Stormy

Makes one funky fresh cocktail. 285 calories per cocktail.


- 2 strawberries, hulled

- 3 fl oz spiced rum (I used Captain Morgan)

- 4 fl oz ginger beer* (I used Goslings)

- 1 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice

- a couple ice cubes (not pictured.. whoops!)

- 1 tall skinny glass


1. muddle the strawberries in the bottom of your glass

2. then add ice cubes, rum and ginger beer

3. top with fresh lime juice and enjoy!

*For a lower calorie option, you can sub in diet ginger ale instead of the ginger beer (190 calories per cocktail instead of 285)


Life update: I'm training for a half marathon in June then a marathon in October and I have to say, working full time, training for a marathon and food blogging is hard work! I'm exhausted but loving every minute of it!

Thoughts on the recipe? I'd love to hear them as always!

Happy Tuesday and thanks for reading! It means the world to me! :D

- A