Boozy Vanilla Almond Coffee Smoothie

Boozy.... Such a wonderful, intoxicating word.


(pun intended) ;)

Three more wonderful words? Vanilla, almond and coffee... Even more splendid when smashed together into a delicious smoothie! Their flavors work in total harmony to create this delicious soothing boozy smoothie. Say that five times fast... Impossible.


So, this recipe wasn't supposed to have alcohol in it... But after playing around with it for a while, I decided it tasted better with Kahlua... Of course it tasted better with Kahlua! What's new? Nothing.

Obviously, you can make this without the booze but to be honest, it's not nearly as tasty. Still good but not amazing. You feel me? Sweet, just like our new delicious beverage. Recipe below... Check check check it out.


Boozy Vanilla Almond Coffee Smoothie

Makes two smoothies. 195 calories per drink.


- 1 cup coffee, chilled

- 1/2 cup vanilla almond milk

- 2 tsp vanilla extract

- 6 oz Kahlua

- lots of ice cubes (at least 10 cubes)

- 2 tbsp Hersey's lite chocolate syrup (to coat the glasses - this is optional)


1. Add the first four ingredients to a high-speed blender then blend in ice cubes until smoothie reaches a consistency of your liking (I would start with about six ice cubes then add more as you blend)

2. Pour one tbsp of chocolate syrup in each cup and swirl to coat (again... optional but recommended)

3. Split the smoothie between the two glasses and serve with adorable straws



That shot glass has my name on it... Isn't that cool?! My name isn't normal so it's super COOL.

Drink up y'all, it's Friday!

- A