Sparkling Blood Orange Martini

Y'ALL!!!!!!! I ran the Dexter-Ann Arbor Half Marathon yesterday and I beat my goal of a 7:30 pace! My official time was 1:36:42 (7:22 pace)!! I originally thought it was 1:36:53 but that was my gun time (net time is the official time)... So confusing!! Any who, I'm so pumped and proud of myself!! I trained for three months, running 5-6 days a week and it was so worth it!! I finished 8th in my age group (25-29... hard age group)! The original results showed me as 7th but then they added a name to the first place spot later on. 8th is still amazing (I had a secret goal to be top 10 in my age group)... I did it!! I was the 23rd female to finish and 157 out of 2473 people!!! Yayy!! Ok, you didn't come here for running talk... Cocktail time!!


This recipe is super simple but very delicious!!! Only three ingredients: gin, sparkling cider and blood orange soda! What does it taste like? Refreshing bubbly orange goodness! I used World Market's Low Calorie Blood Orange Soda, but any kind will do. You can even use normal blood orange juice but it will be less bubbly. Recipe time friends!


Sparkling Blood Orange Martini

Makes two cocktails. 158 calories per cocktail.


- 4 oz gin

- 2 oz sparkling cider

- 4 oz blood orange soda

- ice cubes


1. cocktail shaker

2. liquid measuring cup

3. two martini glasses


1. In cocktail shaker filled with ice, combine gin, sparkling cider and blood orange soda. Shake thoroughly until chilled.

2. Strain into two martini glasses then cheers and drink!

DSC_0724 2.jpg

Let's make today Martini Monday... Martinis for all! Make this cocktail and let me know your thoughts! If you like what you see and taste, make sure to subscribe! I've love that!

Have a wonderful Monday!

- A