Weekly Menu: june 13-17, 2016

Every Saturday (or sometimes Sunday), I plan our dinners for the next week. Then I put the menu on a cute little chalkboard in our kitchen so that Tom knows what's for dinner (even though he still asks...) and because I find it fun!! I usually share a photo of my chalkboard weekly menu on Instagram and/or Snapchat along with photos of each dinner through the week. This leads to lots of questions about what the recipe is, where you can find it, how I changed the recipe, etc. SO I thought it would be fun and beneficial to create a series on here to share these fabulous recipes from around the internet with you guys!

Most of the time I use a recipes from other food blogs, magazines, or cookbooks then alter them in someway for two reasons:

1.  I can't just follow directions... where's the fun in that?! :)

2. I often change ingredients based on what I already have in my fridge/pantry

so I will try my best to add notes about what I plan to do/change with each recipe. My goal is to post a Weekly Menu on Monday and then post a Weekly Menu Review on Saturday/Sunday (depending on how crazy my weekend is ha!) so that I can share my thoughts and actual edits on each recipe! Sound good to you guys?! GOOD!

I'm going to back track for this week since it's already Thursday and share my menu for this week. I'll have a review up on Sunday!

Monday - Roasted Corn and Sautéed Leek Flatbread

Recipe inspiration: Corn and Sautéed Pizza Boats from Spoon Fork Bacon

Planned edits:

1. Use flatbread instead of French bread boats because we have flatbread in the pantry already 

2. use shredded italian five cheese instead because (again) we already have this in the fridge :)

tuesday - basil sweet potato noodle miso carbonara

recipe inspiration: Corn, Feta and Basil Sweet Potato Noodle Carbonara from half baked harvest

planned edits:

1. use pancetta instead of bacon

2.. frozen corn instead of fresh corn

3. add feta on top of pasta as a garnish for Tom - not mixed into sauce because I don't eat cheese

wednesday - spicy corn gazpacho

recipe inspiration: sweet corn gazpacho from spoon fork bacon

planned edits: 

1. frozen corn instead of fresh corn

2. medley of cherry tomatoes, not just yellow

3. add jalapeño

thursday - portobello steaks with avocado chimichurri

recipe inspiration: portobello steaks with avocado chimichurri from minimalist baker

planned edits:

1. add coconut couscous as a side :)

friday - mango habanero glazed spare ribs

recipe inspiration: mango-habanero glazed spare ribs from spoon fork bacon

planned edits:

1. use peach mango pineapple juice instead of just mango juice

2. can of diced garlic tomatoes instead of crushed

apparently I was all about spoon fork bacon blog this week ha! she's got lots of great recipes :)

see you back here on Sunday for my review of each recipe!

- a