weekly menu: june 20-24, 2016

so this menu is a lot shorter than normal because I will be in williamsburg, virginia tuesday through sunday! I am sharing some road trip snacks that I'm whipping up tonight to hopefully make up for the lack of meals this week.

i'll be back with a full menu next week! and don't forget on sunday i'll be here with a review of monday's pasta + road trip snacks + the mango habanero glazed spare ribs from father's day :)


monday - roasted red pepper pasta

recipe inspiration: simple roasted red pepper pasta

planned edits:

1. add diced bacon

2. no mozzarella, burrata, or fig

tuesday - vacation!

wednesday - vacation!!

thursday - vacation!!!

friday - vacation!!!!

road trip snack #1: texas trash chex mix

recipe inspiration: addictive texas trash

planned edits:

1. use kix cereal instead of cheerios because kix is my jam

2. no mixed nuts

3. two 12 oz bags of oyster crackers instead of goldfish and sesame sticks

4. coconut oil instead of butter

5. no MSG or liquid smoke flavor

road trip snack #2: tom's favorite chocolate chip cookies


planned edits: none; this recipe is the bomb.

road trip snack #3: crudités with homemade italian vinaigrette

recipe inspiration: Crudités with Italian Vinaigrette

planned edits:

1. no parmesan cheese

2. veggies of choice: baby carrots, celery, cherry tomatoes, and cucumber :)


see you guys back here on sunday! hope you have a wonderful week!!

- a